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Game: Pocket Monsters Stadium 2 (Japan)/Pokémon Stadium
Platform: Nintendo 64
Nintendo of Japan release date: 30 April 1999
Nintendo (abroad) release date: 01 March 2000
Players: 1-4

Pocket Monsters Stadium 2 (Pokémon Stadium) allows you to battle your trained Pokémon on your TV! Pokémon you've raised and trained from the versions Green, Red, Blue, and Yellow can be used. (Versions Gold, Silver, and Crystal are not compatable, and the system will not recognize these games. Also, no Pokémon may be used that knows a new move or technique, specified in the games.)

The battling aspect of Pokémon remains the same, but your Pokémon come to life like never before! A Nintendo Transfer Pak can transfer your Game Boy data directly, allowing you to register teams of Pokémon to the game cartridge. All of the TMs and HMs are available on the game, so your Pokémon will be able to use the techniques you taught them. Don't forget Myuu or Myuutsuu, however, as these two are never available as rentals. (Myuu is available for rent in the R-2 Stadium Mode.) A total of 151 Pokémon can participate, and 149 Pokémon are available for rental purposes. (But no one really rents Pokémon, right? -_-)

Pocket Monsters Stadium 2 also contains nine mini-games, a Gym Leader Castle where you can battle Gym Leaders from the Game Boy Games, and a Game Boy Tower which allows you to play your (Pokémon G/R/B/Y) Game Boy games on your TV.

The games "Pokémon Stadium" and "Pocket Monsters Stadium 2"


Japan also has an original "Pocket Monsters Stadium" game. Click here to see it.

Disclaimer: Pokémon,Pocket Monsters,all characters,games,other merchandise and all likenesses are copyright by Satoshi Tajiri,GAME FREAK inc.,Creatures inc., Nintendo of America, and others.